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  • Eurolaite Oy

    Eurolaite Oy was founded in 1988 and it is an expert company specialising in importing, marketing and selling electrical engineering products. Our key targets are good customer services, punctual deliveries and high quality technical support.

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  • Products

    Eurolaite Oy supplies competitive products for electricity quality control, protection of the electrical network and the contstruction of the distribution network. Examples of these products include meters for measuring the quality of electricity, protective relays

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  • Addtech

    Eurolaite is part of the Addtech Group.

    Addtech is a technology trading group that develops and sells high-tech components and systems to industrial companies and the service industry in Northern

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  • Partnership

    Our operations are guided by the equal partnership with our suppliers and clients.

    Our partnership aims are:

    – To reduce unnecessary overlapping and wasting resources

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